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DC investigator finds no Covid-related violations at Trump International Hotel

運営事務局 JIMOPLE 14 July 23, 2020
See video of Trump just hours after mask tweet

(CNN)A Washington, DC, investigator inspected President Donald Trump's Washington hotel on Wednesday and found no violations of Covid-related regulations after images emerged of the President and others not wearing masks in the hotel's lobby earlier in the week.

The agency involved says it will continue to monitor the Trump International Hotel's compliance with Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser's regulations, which include the mandatory wearing of masks when inside businesses or the common areas of hotels.

The Washington Post first reported that the city had alerted the relevant channels after reports surfaced of Trump going without a mask at the hotel. John Falcicchio, Bowser's chief of staff, previously told the Post that regulators would be pursuing the accounts.

"We'll send it to our agencies," he told the paper. "They'll look into it."

CNN has reached out to Falcicchio for comment.

Jared Powell, spokesman for DC's Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, which investigates complaints about businesses not following the Covid-19 protection policy, told CNN that "during the inspection, guests and staff were observed to be wearing face masks and coverings in compliance with the Mayor's Order."

"Reports are only generated when violations are observed in person by an investigator," Powell added. "ABRA will continue to monitor the establishment for compliance."

Bowser tightened mask-wearing requirements in Washington on Wednesday after her move in May ordering the use of masks or face coverings when conducting essential business or travel and social distancing isn't possible.

The updated DC rules state that individuals "must wear a cloth face covering or mask when inside of a business, office building, gym or other establishment open to the members of the public." Specifically, related to hotels, the regulations say, "Employees and guests must wear cloth face coverings."

The President attended "a roundtable with supporters of a joint fundraising committee," according to the White House, at the hotel on Monday night. Footage later surfaced of Trump not wearing wear a mask in the hotel's lobby.

The revelation came after Trump had tweeted an image of himself wearing a face mask and indirectly called the act "patriotic" earlier Monday -- a clear change from his earlier reluctance to wear a facial covering in public.

Per a Republican National Committee spokesperson prior to the fundraiser, it was slated to raise $5 million for Trump Victory, his joint fundraising operation with the RNC and state party committees.