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Don Jr. Shows Off Trump-Branded Camo Gear, Complete With A Weird Stain

Donald Trump Jr., eldest son of President Donald Trump, is showing off the family’s latest collection of branded products. The new theme: autumn, camouflage... and collar stains. 

The image shared by the Trump Organization showed Trump Jr. seated at an angle, decked out in a $36 olive green T-shirt with the family’s name emblazoned across the front in a camo design. The stain appeared just under his chin. 

The “fall & camo collection” also included a $115 camo wallet, a $50 camo tumbler and several $36 baseball caps, all featuring the Trump name.  

It’s not clear where the items were manufactured. Several said “Made In America” in the description, such as the $32 socks, but most ― including the $185 embroidered football and $165 camo belt ― did not list a country of origin. 

Social media users were quick to notice the son’s shirt stain and crack more than a few jokes about the new merch:

Ah, yes. The warrior’s uniform modeled by a guy whose never been within 100 miles of an actual war.

— Myke Cole (@MykeCole) September 9, 2019

You can draw a Purple Heart on the shirt with a sharpie

— Jason Narducy (@SplitSingleband) September 9, 2019


— Whack Daniels 🥃 (@DrRyeBourbonMD) September 9, 2019

What idiot would buy camo branded with the name of a five time draft dodger?

— Leah McElrath 🏳️‍🌈 (@leahmcelrath) September 9, 2019

What I admire most about the Trumps is their attention to detail...

— Tapio (@tap_1_0) September 9, 2019

The Donald Trump BoneSpurs™️ Collection now in Alpha Bear Woodland Camouflage.

— Malcolm Nance (@MalcolmNance) September 9, 2019

nobody owns Don jr harder than Don Jr.

— The Warax. 🦛💨 (@iAmTheWarax) September 10, 2019

This is the closest any trump will get to the Armed Forces

— Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) September 9, 2019

Use code "MAGA" for a camo T-shirt drooled up by @DonaldJTrumpJr himself!

— Jaime Margary 🇵🇷 (@JaimeMargary) September 10, 2019

I get it. It’s camo because when it came time for Trump to serve, no one could find him.

— Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) September 9, 2019

It's not gonna work. People will still see you wearing it.

— Jemaine Clement (@AJemaineClement) September 9, 2019

I think you need more camo for the drool under Jr’s chin. 🤤

— jenvallez (@sophieandlili) September 10, 2019

For that “the Russians offered me information on my dads opponent, but I’m too cool to call the FBI” look.

— Naveed Jamali (@NaveedAJamali) September 9, 2019

Nothing says "Has been in an actual war" like a Trump-brand knitted camo wallet.

— Dr. Pete Meyers (@dr_pete) September 9, 2019

Someone's been on Deer Eye For The Straight Guy

— lobsterstyle (@lobsterstyle) September 9, 2019

Has he drooled on the neckline? 😂

— Cynderella (@DeltaCinderella) September 10, 2019

Does the doctor's note come on camo stationery, too?

— Matthew Roazen (@2Eagles3Heads) September 10, 2019