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'Pushy' father filmed shoving son to ground to save goal

運営事務局 JIMOPLE 58 November 10, 2018

(CNN)A father accused of pushing over his seven-year-old son in a bid to save a goal during an under-8s football match has denied any wrongdoing and claimed his son "tripped over his feet."

Phil Hatfield, 35, was accused of interfering in a match between Bow Street Magpies and Ysgol Llanilar FC in west Wales on Thursday, after footage of him went viral giving his goalkeeper son, Osian, a controversial helping hand.

Hatfield accused his son of losing concentration and drifting out of position, which is when he stepped in to take action.

"I was telling him to stand in the middle of the goal but he couldn't hear me and walked towards me as their player advanced," he told the Daily Mail.

"I was shouting by now that he needed to move towards the ball quickly to make the goal seem smaller to the opponent, but it was too late so I have him a little nudge to persuade him to move towards the player."

Osian managed to save the initial goal thanks to the intervention of his father, but directed the ball into the path of another striker, who kicked the ball into the back of the net.

The Bow Street Magpies were 2-0 up prior to the goal, which saw Llanilar close the gap to 2-1. Llanilar went on to equalize the score and the match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Hatfield, who works in a plumbing store in Aberystwyth, west Wales, was filmed turning away in disgust following the goal.

He however denies claims he pushed his son into the path of the ball, and states his son "tripped over his feet and went down."

A spokesperson for the Football Association of Wales said that while the video had been received positively by the public, the governing body is keen to maintain a "sage and enjoyable environment."

"While we appreciate that this video has gone viral and that many find it humorous, as a governing body we promote a sage and enjoyable environment for children of all ages to play football," the spokesperson said in an official statement.

"The FAW has a safeguarding policy in place to reflect this, part of which is a Code of Conduct for parents, guardians and spectators.

"We're duty bound to request observations from the club in relation to this matter."

Hatfield is unlikely to cause further disruption at the club, noting that he will be absent at his son's next match.

He has also promised Osian that he will not step foot on the pitch at his next outing.

"I've promised him that next time I watch, I will not even talk to him, let alone step over the touchline," Hatfield said.